Installation view, K X ME, Marzahner Promenade, Berlin, 2019

I developed an installation in a pedestrian area in the north of Berlin, titled K X ME, which translates as, One thousand times me. The empty store space, in which the installation was displayed, is surrounded by concrete, social housing blocks. A large painting on which two overlong arms embraced his own, empty center. The painting was accompanied by various objects. Large, hanging cherries next to small, colourfully glazed clay cherries spread on the floor. Two figures lay amicably in each other’s arms. On their bodies I wrote ‘holes and dreams’. 

And literally, it often happens: Dreams disappear into holes and never emerge from them again. The K in the title refers to an abbreviation from business English, which stands for one thousand, and which I first learned about on social media. ‘K X ME’ here is a physical allusion to a supposedly empty space in which dreams do not exist. Art actively opposes this emptiness, even when the emptiness is the subject, as in K X ME. It is and remains a shelter for our dreams. With it, a dream can become reality and not only that, this reality can be reproduced and shared a thousand times with others.