November 2020

My work results from a desire to make the inner visible in the outer. In it I gather marginal notes, longings and thoughts about a civilisation affected by megalomania. I want to reconcile our eyes in a simple and direct way, eyes that often can not find their way in all the complexity and disorder.

In 2020 a pandemic has broken out and Berlin is in a lockdown. Suddenly the stimuli became less and life took place on a much smaller and more intimate stage. This influenced my work.

I began to move lines from the top to the bottom of a canvas. The simplicity of the movement, the up and down created peace. Like a resonator in an instrument the function of the painting began to amplify directly the inner to the outside world – in a simple and direct manner. The line started to appear in different forms and yet undeterred it continued its way. The process set a certain pace in the painting. Then the line appeared as a straight line that had no starting and no ending point – a fragment, a movement that went on indefinitely. Everything was in flux and allowed for larger and smaller pauses. The line as a transition from one moment to the next.

Everything vibrated and was alive, however, nothing happened in step, because no line was like the other, no line was perfectly straight and pulled through.

Ones again I found myself remembering the book einfach *, which I discovered in 2009. It is a collection of essays in which objects from our everyday life are examined for their simplicity. What does simple mean in relation to my artistic practice? This question occupies me to this day.

In one of the assays Hannes Böhrigner wrote:

“There is courage in simplicity. It is necessary to simply defy circumstances. Circumstances are the usual, habits, rules, etiquette, conventions, everything that is unquestioningly and constantly dragged along. These circumstances cannot be eliminated without further ado. Simplicity, however, has the courage to neglect them, to not take them so seriously. Only in this way can it surprise with new solutions and elegant shortcuts. And everyone wonders in amazement why they hadn’t thought of it earlier. Simplicity ends the back-and-forth of speeches and objections by evidence.” (page 16-17)

*einfach, Merve Verlag Berlin, 2009