Installation view, ‘Stupidity is not home’, SP2, Berlin, 2019

Stupidity Is Not Home shows paintings by Ali Altin and ceramic sculptures by Sophia Domagala. Assuming that the artistic urge to create, originating from the subconscious (home), cannot produce anything “stupid”, both have an intuitive approach to artistic creation.

In her sculptures, Sophia Domagala explores the external forms of the representational world. This process can be described as an intuitive approach to a physical body that Sophia examines and seeks to understand through repetition. Driven by a subconscious interest in a form, Sophia explores this curiosity in order to analyse its meaning and persistence. She simultaneously develops the theme through her creative work. In Stupidity Is Not Home she shows a ceramic series made of cherries, which appear as a fragile wall sculpture or laying in a large pile in front of us. Their dual form refers to connection and unity, but also holds the potential of separation at the most vulnerable point. Thus the cherries symbolise affection and erotic desire, but also fragility and pain. With her method Sophia examines external phenomena and transfers them to a symbolic level by triggering associations that address the collective memory and subconscious.

Text: Elena Cheprakova